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In the year 1981 A group of Philanthropists, Doctors Educationalists land Lords and Social Servants has formed a society in the Name and Style of 'The Inkollu Pranteeya Vidya Vignanikabhivrudhi Sangham" to promote Educational activities at Inkollu and its surroundings areas.

Inkollu is a Rural Mandal Head Quarter with a population of 35 thousands mostly depending on Agriculture and allied industries. 90% of the population is below and lower middle class families who have face difficulties to send their kids far away for Higher Education which is very much needed for Economic development of their families. Inkollu is a Key village for about 20 villages with in 15 kms Radius with a population of 40 to 50 thousand which are mainly utilizing Inkollu as a center for all their transactions. All these areas are fertile with Black Cotton Soil and is very useful to get good crops but monsoon based Agriculture. Under these circumstances great need is raised to establish and promote Educational Institutions among the Elite Community of this Area.

In view of promoting General & Technical Education, in Inkollu and its surrounding Areas, to cater the needs of youth the Inkollu Pranteeya Vidya Vignanikabhivrudhi Sangham has came into Existence and Registered under 1860 society act.

AT First The Society has Established a Junior College in 1981 with M.P.C., Bi.P.C. C.E.C., and H.E.C., Groups in Temporary accommodation with less number of students. With In a short span it blossoms well and in 1987 a permanent building is constructed and the College is admitted into grant In-aid in 1993 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh Now It is running well by extending it services to the poor and Backward students. Now Teaching Staff is 15 and Non-Teaching Staff is 10 totally 25.

In 1985 a Major Change was happened in our Educational Institutions. Sri Daggubati Chenchu Ramaiah garu Landlord and Educational aspirant cum Politician was invited by the Sangham to play active role in the activities of the sangham. He accepted the Invitation and entered the sangham with huge donation. He is elected as the president of the sangham. After his entry a Degree College is started with B.A., & B. Com Courses. The Junior and Degree Colleges are named as 'Daggubati Chenchu Ramaiah's Son Neelamohan Memorial' Colleges. In 1988 after the assassination of our president late Daggubati Chenchu Ramaiah garu the College Names are changed. The Junior College is named as 'Daggubati Neelamohan Memorial Junior College' and Degree College is named as "Daggubati Chenchu Ramaiah Memorial Degree College".

After Chenchu Ramaiah garu, Dr. Daggubati Venkateswara Rao Local MLA has elected as the president and the Development is accelerated abnormally.

The DCRM Degree College is also flourished well with in 5 years of its establishment. In 1990 our college got permanent affiliation by Acharya Nagarjuna University. It is also recognized by U.G.C. Under 2F/12B Act. in the same Year. From 8th Plan period we are getting U.G.C. grants for library, Educational Activities, Minor Research Projects and Building Funds from U.G.C.

B.Sc. Course is also started at Degree College. Now it is flourishing well with High-tech Science courses by catering the needs of students with high standards.

Totally 21 Teaching Staff and 10 Non-Teaching Staff has been working and 300 students are on Rolls.

The Society ran a Physical Education College for about 5 years with high standards. Due to State Government Policy all the Privates Colleges in the state are closed. In that way our Physical Education College is closed.

In the Year 2004 The Society has started a Public School named as 'Nivedita Public School' from L.K.G. To 10th Class in English Medium to cater the needs of rural people. With in short period it was blossomed as a well academic Institution dominating all the private schools in this area. The main destination of the school is imparting Education in English Medium with low fee structure to the Rural People. The School has been running 12 Buses about 15 km around Inkollu facilitating to the rural public to send their kids with out any economic burden additionally. By that the school is filled with 1300 students. Now 59 Teaching staff , 21 Non-Teaching Staff Members are working to train the students in diversified activities.

Nivedita Public School is recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In 2009 S.S.C. Public Examinations our Students has secured 559/600 and designated 1st Place among the Inkollu Mandal Schools. Organizing Science fares, Utilizing LCD Projectors, Computer Lab, Yoga, Dance, Karate training is also giving the students along with regular syllabus. The able guidance of our president paved the way of successes in all aspects.

In the year 2007 the sangham has opened a new era in its history by starting Hi-Tech courses which are newer expected by the rural public. . By Investing Huge funds the society has started M.C.A., B.Pharmacy and M.SC. (Organic Chemistry) Courses in this Prestigious Campus and all are named as "Daggubati Group of Institutions'. Of course it is a rural area but the admissions are high profile.. From Srikakulam to Nellore and Adilabad to Kadapa many Students are joined in these Institutions and are getting Quality Education. To train youth to the present needs, these high demanded courses are started. Our society is not a business oriented, it is a service oriented organization. We are not collecting money in the name of donations. At some times we are collecting less than the amounts fixed by the Fee Regulation Committee of Andhra Pradesh. These Courses are available in metro cities only and is accessible to only the rich. With our effort, middle and lower middle class also got opportunity to study and to get employment. Now B. Pharmacy is in 3rd Year with 192 students, M.C.A is in 3rd year with 180 students, M.SC. Is in 3rd year with 60 students.

After Successful completion of the above courses the sangham has started a M.B.A. College to produce management personal to fill the gap. It gives great help to our outgoing graduates to complete their Post-Graduates in this campus. An outstanding demanded has been raised for MBA during the last academic year.

As a whole the society has been running the institutions from KG to PG in its vast 24.90 acres of own land with good infrastructure and high quality of Education.

Vast Play fields are also developing to give proper physical training to the students along with Physical facilities. We are providing Internet Unlimited Broad -Band Facility to all the students in our computer Science Lab. A JKC Centre is also started during the year 2008-09 to improve communication skills and other job skills among the students. A Reverse Osmosis Water System is also established with 2.50 Lakhs to provide Mineral Water to the Students. Totally the Sangham has 100 Rooms to all of its colleges..

2000 Students with 180 Teaching and Non-teaching has been sharing in the development of these Institutions. Our Institutions are charged a high reputation in this area in quality and quantity. Many poor families are educated only because of our colleges and settled at various places. The high demanding courses has raised the prestige of our DAGGUBATI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS.

Above all the success one man's selfless dedication is behind. He is our beloved President Dr. Daggubati Venkateswara Rao garu. After Inclusion of Dr. Daggubati in this society as the president the development is accelerated with Technical Courses. His Co-Ordination and support is behind us to move the Institutions in proper path very rapidly.

We are running a Girls Hostel on our Campus with a Capacity of 100. 20 Rooms along with dinning and preparation rooms are allotted to Hostel with low tariff. Our hostel is running with minimum expenses to shelter the middle class students with low cost. All the students are having entry in this hostel irrespective of their course. It is very comfortable for the girl students to stay in the Hostel because it is located in the College Campus.

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